Brief Bio:

Shio was born in the US into a low-income immigrant family of diverse origins and since childhood has lived in the most deprived and dangerous neighborhood of San-Tellino. She had to struggle just to get along literally on a daily basis – waging both mental and physical fight. By the age of 16 she had nerves of steel, a heart of fire and a black belt in Muay-Thai. She did well at martial arts and used her skills to sustain her principles which enabled her to protect the oppressed and fight against the injustice in all of its forms. Eventually her pro-active position attracted the attention of local gangs. While she successfully fought through some minor incidents, soon the attacks multiplied and became very organized. Shio’s stand against the mob ended up with her house being burnt down, her family killed and herself barely making it out alive. She never spoke about the details but it appears, that a kind of benevolent avatar saved her from the firestorm of danger and violence. He compensated for her  suffering, by granting her a considerable increase in physical powers and prowess in addition to also giving her immense speed, which she could increase as far as 50x of a normal human speed during periods of adrenaline rush. The benevolent avatar, who called himself Saphariel, handed her over to a man named Seraphim – an ex-special forces squad leader, who resided in a secret military-controlled underground base. Seraphim’s job was to train the elite troops of the highest ranks, teaching the agents the art of controlling the body through extensive spiritual practices. The benevolent avatar handed Shio to Seraphim in secrecy and bid him to watch over her, so his peers for a long time were unaware of the fact that she had been living there, being trained by Seraphim. As soon as Shio’s powers started to manifest themselves, he disclosed this fact to the military authorities and they decided, in turn, to employ her as a top secret agent. Shio’s operations were the most complicated ones due to the fact that they had to be resolved without any casualties and under conditions of highest secrecy. The codename “#Queen” was used to identify agent Shio and soon nobody remembered her real name. Shio sacrificed her private life and dedicated all her efforts to fighting evil, in all its guises. She did not see it as redemption for the death of her parents – she preferred to say, that she would do it anyway, because this was the only thing she was good at.


Race: Mixed Somali-Chinese-Dutch origin

Age: 20(at the moment of employment as an agent)

Height: 1.8m(5.9ft)

Weight: 65kg (144lbs)

SKILLS: Shio has a black belt in Muay-Thai and she is practices  her acrobatic and fighting skills daily.

Body type: Athletic due to intense physical exercise.

Powers: Shio possesses a superhuman speed, reaching at its known peak at least 50 times of a normal human speed. Her damage resistance is 10-15 times greater than normal. Her muscle tone is greatly increased which affects her performance in combat and everyday life.

Marital status: Single


Seraphim,  Shio’s coach, aka CyberHermit(due to his artificial body augmentations and secluded way of life and work), has a base at an undisclosed location on an island. The complex is located in the forested coastal zone of the island and consists of several buildings. The main office (1) accommodates the officials during their visits. It has several conference rooms, five hotel suites, a dining room as well as maintenance rooms, thereby assuring that guests stay out of the way of the students as much as possible. The dorm (1) is a one-storied building that can fit up to 10 trainees. The canteen (3) beside a dining hall  has a kitchen and a storage room, because all provisions are delivered from the mainland once per month.  All buildings on site are connected by the paved walkways on surface and a network of underground caves with lakes, which also lead deep into the island and have secrete openings to the coast and ocean beyond.


The training facility (4) is basically a bunker, which has one ground level and two levels below the surface, where all the operations are conducted. The bunker facility is a reinforced concrete structure with  meter-thick walls and large earth mounds-resilient enough to withstand a direct, high explosive, non-nuclear missile hit. The facility is powered by a quantum reactor in the front area. The training grounds occupy the minus 1 level and minus 2 level is taken up by the garage and workshops where Seraphim tests new tech, that government regularly provides.

The conventional training of the agents usually takes up to 3 months. For Shio, who lives on the island, Seraphim had to secure an individual apartment with all commodities and direct access to the subterranean training grounds and the garage. Seraphim and Shio are the only residents of the island.


Seraphim is coaching Shio in martial arts, especially in boxing and kung-Fu, which are his key disciplines. Besides, half of her training is dedicated to mental tutoring, where she is trying to unleash her full potential as a fighter and develop extrasensory abilities, some of which started to manifest as soon as Shio received her gift. The main goal of her job as an agent is to bring the subject for interrogation alive or to get the information from him by any non-lethal means. Very early on she realized that her powers if unharnessed – can easily kill a man. So one of the key aspects of her training is the ability to control her physical power. But since she is still learning to do it precisely, she was instructed to use non-lethal weaponry for incapacitation means. Her only weapon is a two-function Tesla Taser. In Taser mode it shoots an electrocuting projectile that also delivers a high frequency electro magnetic pulse which disrupts the target’s autonomic nervous system. In the Garrote mode it shoots a steel strangling string which easily twists around the feet or hands of targets, thus immobilizing them yet keeping them conscious.residents of the island.


The main means of transportation that Shio uses is a modified version of an experimental sports car. Seraphim ordered a custom augmentation for the car. It includes a hybrid system, which instead of a V12 engine hosts a powerful quantum-electric motor, divided into two systems. The lifting is accomplished via the four wheel retractable fans, powered by electricity. The rear section contains four jets, that create propulsion and also charge the high capacity electric battery. The car can speed up to 200 km/h when driving on surface and up to 350 km/h when flying.